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Leave the Accounting To Us

Focusing You On Your Business

Audit & Assurance

Annual Accounts & Statutory Audit are the core of our compliance services. We will prepare your annual financial statements as set out by the companies acts. We advise our clients on the most appropriate software for their business and support them in its use to ensure proper books and records are being maintained.We are registered statutory auditors and will seek to minimize the disruption to our clients, whilst we undertake our work.


Tax & Advisory

We have gone through some challenging times in the last few years and more so than ever your business needs an accountant to step up and add real value, whether it’s advice in improving business performance or cost reduction. This advice can deliver significant benefits and position your business to emerge from the downturn with a stronger, more secure and competitive business model. To assist our clients in these areas our Corporate Investment & Business Advisory team will provide all the advice you will need.


General Accounting

Martin Quigley & Co. have experienced tax accountants and financial advisors ready to expertly prepare your personal income tax returns and provide strategic tax planning unified with your personal financial planning requirements along with exceptional personalized service at affordable rates. When you succeed we succeed! This is our personal commitment to each and every one of our clients. 

Providing Timely & Efficient Solutions

Reduced costs

Online collaboration means less travel for you and your accountant and more effective use of time over the year reducing costs.

No big annual bills

The option to have fixed monthly fees like your other bills puts you in control and avoids those big once-a-year invoices where you often don’t quite know what you are going to pay.


We can offer set packages which you can choose and change, up or down, as your business needs change. You’ll also be able to add bolts when they are needed so you only pay for what you need, when you need it – ensuring you always have the right approach for your business.

Work your way & get more done

The whole world now uses email, online meetings, conference calls, hangouts and video calls, and so do we – meaning you can work in a way that suits you and get more done in your working day. This translates to less of those weekend work days and more time enjoying what matters to you.

Better, faster advice

Because we can both see the same information, you can get better advice, quicker and just when you need it – and all at less cost than a traditional accountant.

Better planning

How useful is last year’s set of accounts in a world when things move so quickly and often by the day? Better to have 24/7 access to your business finances and better still to start forecasting your business so you can better prepare for what lies ahead rather than what happened over a year ago.


If you are tired of keeping mountains of paperwork lying around the place then working with us can help make that all but disappear. This gives you less clutter, keeps you in control and ensures you are compliant with good record keeping, just in case the authorities comes knocking.


Reduce costs and time with our in-house bookkeeping service.

Better decisions

We all know that with the right information we can make better decisions. The same is true in business. Martin Quigley & Co. will give you the information to make better decisions ultimately meaning you spend less, create more revenue and therefore make more profit.