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Visit our Offices

Call 053 9144270 or make an online enquiry to arrange a consultation.  We will determine exactly how we can help you and your business. There will be no charge for the initial consultation and no obligation whatsoever to use our services.

Request a Fixed Quote

Once we have had the initial meeting, a fixed quote can be supplied to cover all the work we believe needs to be completed. We are determined to offer an accountancy and taxation service that keeps its pricing clear and helps you break down your fee by month. We meet with each customer in order to assess what accountancy and tax work needs to be carried out, discuss the possible tax savings available and answer any questions you may have.

There will be no fee for the initial meeting and you will receive a fixed fee quote once you have met us. Although there is no obligation to use our accountancy services, our quote is valid for up to three months giving you plenty of time to think about the meeting and ask further questions or about any additional services.We offer flexible payment options which allow our clients to pay their accountancy fees in easy to manage monthly installments.

Our mission is to offer a value for money service tailored to suit your business needs.

Switching Is Easy

We can make life simple if you are considering changing your accountant. We know just how busy you are, making sure your business is as successful as it can be, while maintaining your personal life too. When you work for yourself, we believe that you need a value for money price that offers great service and proactive advice from your accountant.

How easy is it to switch from one accountant to another?

We will make this as simple as possible for you. The first step is to contact us, we will then as quickly as possible determine your needs and then offer you a fixed quote. Once you have decided that Martin Quigley & Co. is the right choice for you, you may be wondering how you are going to break the bad news to your previous accountant. Now comes the easy part, you can instruct us to do that for you. We will write to your previous accountant requesting them to provide us with all of your accounting and tax records. All accountants are expected to provide the paperwork and records within a reasonable amount of time by their professional bodies, and accountants are familiar with the process. We will help you every step of the way.

How much will the accountant charge to hand this information over?

Providing you have paid for any work your previous accountant has completed then there should not be a charge for this. Some accountants may charge for 30 minutes of their time.

If I have paid my accountant in full, should I just wait until they have completed the work before switching accountants?

You have every right to change accountants at any point in time, and if you have paid in full then you can ask for a statement of account to be provided and the accountant should provide you with a refund of the difference to cover the work they have completed, but not the work they are yet to complete.

Switch & Save. Its Easy.