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We offer a great range of property tax advice specifically for landlords or those with second properties. If you receive rental income, then you must submit a tax return regardless of whether you are making a profit.

Below are some common areas we can help you with:


If you rent out property you will pay income tax on the difference between the rents you have charged in a tax year, less any allowable expenses and charges. We can help you to make sure that you are claiming all of the expenses and reliefs to which you are entitled. Knowing what maintenance and repairs can be deducted can be tricky, because there are a number of different methods that can be used depending on your circumstances. We can discuss your options with you and make sure that you make the right choice; to optimise your tax position. We can also make sure that you are claiming all of the finance costs for any loans or mortgages you have on your properties, as again, this can be a complicated area and taxpayers can miss out on valuable tax relief.

Selling Property

If you have Capital Gains Tax to pay, for example because you’ve sold or given away a holiday home or second property, you will need to complete a tax return. We can advise you on any tax planning opportunities available, in order to minimise your Capital Gains Tax liability. We can also calculate your Capital Gains Tax liability and complete your tax return for you.

Letting rooms in your home

If you let rooms in your own house, you may not pay tax but there are conditions in order to apply for an exemption, which we can discuss with you.

We can provide you with advice regarding all tax aspects of buying, selling and letting property. We have only included a few areas for you to consider on this page. If you are about to invest in, dispose of, or let property do give us a call and make an appointment.